Avoid risk and maximise opportunity

illion Direct is a powerful risk management solution that delivers timely and useable insight in the on-boarding, management and growth of your customers and prospects.

Powered by the world’s largest commercial database, illion Direct utilises predictive failure and late payment scores so you can make quick and accurate decisions to avoid risk and maximise opportunities throughout the credit lifecycle.

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If you are new to illion Direct and require assistance in understanding the features and how to use the platform, or if you are having trouble gaining access to the platform contact Client services or your account representative.

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Manage your exposure

Use the dynamic dashboard for an immediate view of risk and opportunity within your portfolio. See the risk of your customer’s failing or making late payments, with scores built on our advanced analytics, including unrivalled company payment patterns, the most extensive financial data available and unique collections activity.

Monitor changing risk

Receive notifications when information about your customers and suppliers change, including their risk score, director details and company registration status. Make immediate decisions based on proactive alerts that are fully customisable based on your risk appetite.

Insight and analysis

Access to illion’s easy-to-read reports is just a click away. From basic company identification through to a comprehensive report on financial stability, payment patterns, failure risk, credit history and related entities & directors. Understand the risk of doing business before you establish a relationship with an entity.

Find and review

Examine new business opportunities by searching companies, directors and individuals from the world’s largest commercial database and illion’s comprehensive consumer bureau. Refine and filter by company structure, registration status and location and use Google results to target the right business.

View full histories

Share knowledge across your credit team with customisable entity views that focus your activities. With an infinite archive capacity you can see a full audit history including reports, notifications and notes made by your team, so you avoid wasted effort and duplicate orders.

International reports

Access illion's best-available international reports. Leveraging the world's leading commercial database and predictive scores. illion's international reports deliver consistent risk recommendations on entities from across the globe.